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Hounded is a canine wellbeing company that’s on a mission to improve the health of dogs. From the busy owner who works full time and needs their dog exercised, to the new family struggling with a new rescue dog – we’ve got you covered.

We’re led by science and ruled by ethics. Headed up by a behaviourist and trainer, our team’s approach to dog behaviour, interaction and learning is based on effective communication and relationships that are built on safety and trust. Importantly, we take the same values and apply them to our relationship with you. We’re reliable, we communicate well and you’ll receive regular feedback.



Is your dog making family life stressful? Are you being ignored on walks Suffering from unstoppable barking at home? Professional advice can address these issues and you will learn simple, effective techniques that will teach your dog appropriate responses. Our training is real-life and realistic and as such will take place in your home, in the local area, or at a secure outdoor venue depending on what is required.


Hounded Fuel is a monthly subscription service that provides you with a tailored weekly delivery of premium raw dog food delivered to your door. Feeding your dog a quality, nutritious diet has never been easier. Let digestive upsets and boring biscuits be a thing of the past and get in touch today.


Based in Portsmouth, we know first hand the challenges of raising dogs in the city whilst ensuring they have appropriate outlets to ‘be dog’. Let us take your active dog on an adventure in the countryside. Hikes last 1 hour 30 mins and make the most of the South Downs National Park and surrounding countryside. Plenty of opportunity to run, roll, play and dig with friends. From little to large breeds, Yorkshire Terriers to Vizlas, if your dog loves the great outdoors – we’re the dog walker for you.




I started Hounded in 2016, with a vision to get city dogs out in the countryside, running and reaping the benefits. I love the countryside and gain so much wellness from being outside – it’s a no brainer that it benefits our dogs too.

My journey into the world of training and behaviour came through my work with foreign rescue dogs from overseas. Having worked at rescue centres abroad and (inevitably) coming home with my first dog, a rescue Podenco from Spain called Smiley, I realised she needed more behavioural knowledge and support – beyond training traditional obedience such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. That started my learning journey, and I’ve not stopped since. I share my life now with four rescue Podencos who have taught me so much and given me a special place in my heart for both foreign rescue dogs and sighthounds.

I am a fully qualified and assessed member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and a member of the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN). Professionally I’m committed to developing my knowledge and keeping my practice current. As such here are just some of the conferences and courses I have attended nationally:


ACTION Conference – Psychological Trauma in Dogs
IMDT – Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation
IMDTB – Dog – Human Aggression & Rehabilitation
IMDT – Perfect Puppy
IMDT – Practical Instructor Course
IMDTB – Noise Sensitivity & Phobias
IMDTB – Resource Guarding
IMDTB – Separation Anxiety
Absolute Dogs – Pro Dog Trainer
The School Of Canine Science – Puppy Lab
OCN Level V – Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour

“Megan is hugely personable and her easy going manner instantly put me at ease.”

“Archie’s Fuel subscription has been such a weight off my mind, especially this Christmas when I don’t have to think about delivery dates and freezer space!”

"I was skeptical, but she is less reactive out on walks and is now acting like a normal dog at home - I'm amazed!"

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